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Why blog?

Why shouldn't I blog? I mean, not every 23-year-old (24 now) moves from New York City to Barbados, tossing aside more than one opportunity for stability and a quick start to a successful career in NYC in the process. But three months after that fateful trip when Lindsay and I first visited Barbados on holiday, I was down here, fully employed (eventually legally) with an apartment and a car, literally living a dream. And here I am, March of 2010. I got the work permit, lost the work permit, moved back to Connecticut in August 2009, went on the road trip of the century (CENTURY!) with MSR, freelanced for Travel + Leisure, (visited Barbados again in November), nannied, and came back down to Bim just in time for New Year's Eve. Still here!

I have lots of free time these days. For better or worse (and I usually spend most of that free time deciding which one it is), that is the truth. Bloggers always complain that they wish they had more time for their writing, and here I am with that luxury! I really should take advantage.

And then, a certain online hotel review website I had been in contact with back and forth since December '09 (read: I've been harassing their editors to let them know 'I am available, hellooo'), reached out to let me know of their new initiative - a "locals" blog. While they do not have any coverage on Barbados at present, they expect it is a possibility in the near future, and wanted me to keep it on my radar. Sweet! So I started jotting down little thoughts on and observations of this island home.

But then it occurred to me... why wait? A blog will further acquaint me with the world of social media (beyond Facebook) - a desired skill set with employers. Plus, it would allow me to provide some real insight to my friends and family, thousands of miles away (tear), of my day-to-day life! PLUS, I really like the word blog! No brainer.

So, you know, that, combined with the sheer boredom of purposeless days, really provided the impetus to blog. Now I am hoping I can say, "Oh, you know, I had a really productive day. I spent a lot of time on my blogging."

Impromptu East Coast

Impromptu East Coast

Wow, I have a blog!