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Impromptu East Coast

Impromptu East Coast

Last minute trips are the best.

Last Saturday, Phil and I were hanging around the house, not up to much. Our big event for the day was going for a walk on the boardwalk down the street. That's when Phil's sister-in-law, Susie, called him and invited us over for dinner at the beach house their friends had lent them for the weekend on the rugged East Coast.

Beach house? Heck yeah! Phil, however, was not as enthusiastic. "I'm really not feeling 100%, and it's last minute, and it's so far away." Fine, sulked the girl who's been known to drive more than three hours at the drop of a hat if the entertainment prospect was worth it.

Susie's persistence, however, was much appreciated. She called my phone back to see what our deal was. "Come on! We have plenty of steak and cold Heines, and you guys can pack a bag in case you feel like spending the night." I'm game! Phil acquiesced. Moments later we were zipping cross-country for dinner.

The evening was beautiful. As promised, the steaks were delicious and the Heinekens ice cold. We limed (hung out) all night on the deck that runs the length of the house, complete with Adirondack chairs and a hammock. The beer flowed with the appetizers, the wine flowed with dinner, the vodka flowed with...?

Around midnight, Susie and I took a walk to the rum shop (roadside bar) along the coastal dirt road. Aside from the propriet

or (who appeared to be about 75 years old) and his company enjoying a game of dominoes around a card table in the gravel, we were the only ones there. We had a proper girl chat, until Phil pitched up 40 minutes later wondering what exactly we had gotten into. I suppose it was time for bed, anyway, so Phil drove behind us with the headlights on while Susie and I enjoyed the walk back - the appeal of the waves breaking just feet away from this quaint country road beat out the option of a 10-second car ride.

By 7:30 the next morning I was back on the deck with a cup of tea, taking in this view:

As much as I wanted to crawl into that hammock and rock back to sleep, Alex (Phil's 10-year-old niece) was eagerly recruiting an escort to take her hunting for hermit crabs on the beach, and I just couldn't turn her down. So off we went...

...until the whole family awoke and joined our adventures!

As the collection of hermit crabs grew, and I leisurely gathered my own mosaic of sea glass in teal and turquoise hues, I relished the drama and isolation of this side of the island, pleasantly pleased with where the weekend had taken me.

Because a Sunset is Better With a Band

Because a Sunset is Better With a Band

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